Photo of Newborn Backdrop Composites


Newborn Backdrop Editing Service


This service is for the creation of Digital Backdrop composites in which you can submit your newborn image(s) and pre-select a backdrop from my store and I will create the composite for you.

* Selected image and backdrop must be reviewed and confirmed to be suitable for editing by me, prior to payment and editing
After review and confirmation of image backdrop compatibility, no refund will be issued.

* Minimal editing will be done on the newborn image to make it compatible with the selected backdrop eg. light levels, skin tone, white balance etc.

* You can select the backdrop to be used or I can recommend suitable ones for your image.

* When sending images for review, it is recommended to send multiple files showing different angles. This allows me to select the most appropriate one for your backdrop.

* Images for review can be send via email-

* Files for edit must be sent via email in high res, or a link through a cloud storage service eg. Dropbox, Google Drive, Jumbomail etc.

* Service is available for backdrops from The Garden Dream only (no third party backdrops).

* No need to purchase the backdrop separately (unless you already own it) and the editing fee is fixed.

* Due to the individual nature of the editing, price is per image (no discounts for bulk edits).

* After confirmation, please allow 48 hours to receive your images.

* Upon completion and delivery, copyright of the final image will be transferred to you with no restrictions on sharing to clients/ social media etc and you may use your own watermark.

When you have made your backdrop selection, send via email your images to and specify which backdrop you want for the composite.

Price for each composite is:

$49.5 AUD including the backdrop. Including GST