Newborn Digital Backdrop – FAQ



For US citizens from offshore/ unincorporated US territories eg. Puerto Rico.
Problem: During payment, I am unable to select my state in the dropdown menu.
Solution: The ecommerce platform lists US territories as individual countries as opposed to ‘states’. To complete processing, simply select your State in the country dropdown menu.

Problem: When trying to proceed to checkout only Paypal is listed as a payment option and/ or an error message appears requesting your billing country.
Solution: In some instances this error can be fixed by clearing and reentering the selected products to the cart. If this does not work, try clearing cookies from your browser’s cache.





How do I get my download?

Once you have have purchased your products in the checkout section and payment has been finalised, the confirmation of payment screen will also show a link to your product.

In a addition you will be sent an email confirmation which will contain links to your products. You can either right click the link to save the product. Alternatively, left click the link which will open the full image in a new browser window. Once the image has loaded you can right click the image to save it to your computer.


I can’t find my order


When you purchase your backdrops, you will be sent an invoice to the email address you entered during the checkout process. If you can’t find the email, please ensure you check your spam and junk mail folders. Keep the email in case you accidentally delete the backdrop from your computer. Mark the email as Not Spam so it wont happen in your next purchase.


How do I install Photoshop actions? (This is for both Windows and Mac OS)


Once downloaded from look in your ‘Downloads’ (or wherever you have saved it to) for a filetype ending in .atn

There are two ways you can install downloaded actions into Photoshop.

Method 1 (the easy way)
Double-click the .atn file and this should automatically install self-install into the correct file directory within your Photoshop program and thats it, open up Photoshop and look start playing with your new actions. If this doesn’t work then it could be because of the way your computer is setup or because you have more than version of Photoshop on your computer. Method 2 should see you through…

Method 2
Open up Photoshop and select the menu button for your Actions Palette. Select ‘Load Actions’ and then navigate to¬† where you saved your download and select the .atn file. This will import the actions into Photoshop and you’re good to go.



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