Unicorn Collection

What could possibly be better than 1 unicorn? Why 4 unicorns of course! The Unicorn newborn digital backdrops now have their own collection where you can get all your favourite unicorns for a great saving!

You can find the unicorn collection here

A majestic fantasy of a writes dream,
White as snow and twice as pure.
Never touched by a human hand,
Only the mind and heart of the obscure.

None moves so gracefully as she,
Gliding with ease through the mind.
Her hair blowing in the warm breeze,
Like the edge of a sea front tide.

The creature that all dreams are made of,
The mythical imagination it freely gives.
If only such a creature existed,
The legend of all urban myths.

With the strength and gentleness of all love,
The most beautiful creature ever born.
We like to believe in the fantasy light,
That is the part of the mythical legend.
“The Unicorn”

by Shiela Hackett